This is a deformation processing machine which is composed of a feeding device that transports materials from hoop materials to materials at a certain speed and a stamping device that crushes materials and does stamping.

Why we recommend PROFORMA

  • Reason1:Both strip material and wire material can be processed with the same machine.
  • Reason2:Since any feed bridge or pilot is needed, the material yield is good and the amount of waste can be minimized. >>[Details]
  • Reason3:The accuracy/quality are increased by bending forming from any angle, so the appearance is beautiful, which increases the value of a product. >>[Details]
  • Reason4:Since the maximum of 20 stages of bending forming is possible in 1 cycle, it is possible to consolidate bending forming. Therefore, it is possible to incorporate secondary processing such as welding and tapping. >>[Details]
  • Reason5:NC forming (SF, IF Series) makes it possible to have high-mix low volume manufacturing because the die change time is shortened by numerical value control. Also, the numerical value control makes it easy to do replication. >>[Details]
  • Reason6:The mold can be shared to increase cost performance as well as the rate of operation.


Waste is decreased due to reduced material consumption.


Gending forming from any angle reduces the amount of ironing and makes it possible to have a beautiful bending appearance.


processing area


Improved occupancy rate