Corporate Philosophy

 ●We constantly move forward.
 ●We contribute to the world through our creative technologies.
 ●We are a corporation that society can trust.
 ●We value people and environment.


Company Profile

Corporate name TS Precision Co., LTd.
Established December 6, 1995
Paid-in capital 50 million yen [ 100% capital subscription by Maruka Corp. ]
President Yasuhiro Tsukuda
Head Office/Plant 2-36 Hinode-machi, Iwakuni, Ymaguchi  →【MAP
Plant Matsuyama plant   →【MAP
Sales office Nagoya sales office  →【MAP
Product line PROFORMA forming machines
Forming dies and accessories
NC ring coiling machines
Constant velocity joint processing machines
No. of employees 96 (as of june.2023)

Company History

  1945 • Established as Teijin Seiki.(currently Nabtesco Corporation)
  1959 • Designed and manufactured automobile production machinery for Mazda.
      Entered machine tool business.
  1969 • Developed constant velocity joint processing machine for automobiles.
  1970 • Commenced technical agreement with Finzer(Germany)
      for the ZUB-200 Forming machine.
  1990 • Terminated technical agreement with Finzer. Renamed the ZUB to PROFORMA.
  1991 • Developed the PROFORMA RF series.
  1995 • Established as Teijin Seiki Precision by Teijin Seiki.
  1998 • Developed Inner Race Groove Grinding Machine.
  2002 • Developed Tripod OD Grinding Machine.
  2003 • Renamed as TS Precision. Developed NC Forming Machine.
  2006 • Merged Marifu Engineering Co.,Ltd. Developed Cage window hard Milling Machine.
      Developed Special Forming Machine Series.
  2007 • Developed Outer Race Groove & ID Grinding Machine.
      Developed Outer - Inner Groove & ID hard Milling Machine.
  2009 • Developed Forming Machine IF series.
  2010 • Developed Honing Machine & Vertical Machine.
  2011 • Acquired Aishinkikou CO., LTD.
  2013 • Developed the PROFORMA SF-150
  2014 • Absorption-type merger with Aishinkikou co.,LTD
  2015 • Developed the PROFORMA SF-250
  2023 • Maruka Corporation acquired 100% of our stock and became
      a group company of the company.